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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by hype, Jan 26, 2004.

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    Looking for opinions and tips on chart settings for daytrading naz stocks, timeframe,style,emas,histograms etc. I currently have q charts. My main problem is being "shaken out" of winning trades. Any and all info tips and advice is very much appreciated! Thanks!
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    Help! Please!
  3. Hi Hype,

    What chart intervals are you currently using?

    What type of trading are you doing...scalping, a few trades per day, a few trades per week, overnight holds...what?

    Please post some charts of what your QCharts workstation looks like...

    (I don't mean one single chart that's been maximized...I mean all the charts that you have open on your monitor as you make trade decisions)

    Simply...its tough to help someone if they provide very little info about their style of trading....

    My point is this...what if your a swing trader that holds overnight and because you didn't mention that...

    you may start getting advice from traders that don't even trade similar to your trading style.

    Also, use EliteTrader's search menu in the upper right corner on trading topics that may interest you.

    You also said being shaken out of "winning trades"...

    I'm assuming you meant your profitable but your leaving too much on the table as in profits (not riding a bigger move)...

    That is either a trade methodology problem or psychological problem and since you didn't provide any examples...

    extremely difficult to help.

    Provide more info about yourself as a trader...

    I'm sure ETer's will come to your aid and help out as soon as they know what type of advice you really need.

    Last of all, you could post a trade journal here at ET showing your end of day trading results for possible "ongoing" trading advice...

    Post lots of charts and specifics...the good and bad and you'll get lots of advice...good and bad...

    Yet, the goal is to find a piece of advice...something that's a gem...something that clicks in your head and possible makes a difference...

    can't hurt unless you have something better planned.

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    Thanks for the reply. I daytrade naz stocks, mostly scalp but would like to try to hold longer, most trades 30 seconds-10 minutes. 100-2000 shares, mostly higher volume stocks, amzn,ebay,brcm,qcom,rimm,erts, etc, thanks hhope this helps
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    ? anyone else?