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    Is there any charting or simulation software that allows me to replay the day on a bar by bar basis? For example, I have a 5min chart of ES futures. What I want to do is hit a key to display the next 5 min bar, then hit the key again for the next 5 min bar, etc., until the entire day is replayed.
  2. esignal allows exactly this
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    E signal is great for this. You can even get that feature with their 25 buck a month end of day trader package. You can pull back pretty far with their historical data as well. If you pay an extra 10 bucks you can get 2 years of futures data.
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    Ensign does as well
  5. Trade Navigator has a variable speed replay feature which allows a trader to replay the entire market day tic by tic.

    - Spydertrader
  6. Can do this in Open E Cry as well.
  7. try MultiCharts
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    This is not exactly what you want, but try it does not do intraday but does lets you replay day by day, and it is free.
  9. SierraChart will allow you to play through intraday charts automatically at differing speed intervals and accuracy settings as well as step through them manually if you want.
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