Chart/Portfolio/Trade all in one... suggestions?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by makloda, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Here is what I require

    - Integration with IB/TWS for trading directly from the Chart software, i.e. right click on symbol, issue order. Overview of filled/unfilled orders. Directly transfer data from filled orders to portfolio database, calculating P/L, adjusted purchase price etc.
    - Dozens of "virtual" portfolios, e.g. "Daytrading", "Long Term Portfolio" etc.
    - Nice to have: Analysis of Win %, $ Per Trade, Sharpe etc. per portfolio. Ability to GROUP portfolios (e.g. Futures, Stocks, Options) and run an analysis both on an individual portfolio time range or on a group of portfolios for a specified period of time

    - Quotetracker: Charts are nice. Portfolio functionality lacking for my purposes, too simple.
    - Dynamic Sentimentor: Seems to do what I need (well most of it) but jesus this thing crashes on me every 5 minutes after opening a chart. I tried it with Esignal + IB data, it just keep crashing like crazy on me :(
    - Visual Charts 4: Tried the Demo, can not use ESignal or IB for data, must use their proprietary data vendor. I never got their feed database to connect. Uninstalled due to waste of time.

    So far Dynamic Sentimentor looked good, but it just kept crashing. Anybody runnign Dysen without any problems? What OS are you on (I am on WinXP x64 with an AMDx2 and 2gb ram).

    Any other suggestions? Price (<5k USD) is not the primary criteria, first of all I need to gather a list of what WORKS and satisfies BARE FUNCTIONALITY.

    Thanks for any input, and sorry if I used harsh language, I am just so frustrated after one week trying different software. :(