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  1. i was wondering if it is possible to make a program that works with chart pasterns. for example say some one uses channels or fiboachis
    or some thing. can a program be made to automatically draw all these. also to buy and sell automatically, and to scan stocks for certain positions in a pattern.. is this alot harder then what ever you guys usually do ?
  2. We have a product for this at

    It can be used to scan for patterns, automatically place trades, etc.

    Feel free to ask specific questions here or by email.
  3. Would they not just steal your trading strategies ???
    :confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. That would mean that both of you were losing your shirts.
  5. Mr_You


    It looks like you could do this in NinjaTrader. In the Strategy wizard there are drawing actions, Fibonacci, Regression Chanel, etc. You could probably have someone custom code other strategies. NinjaTrader is free to download and use without live trading.
  6. Modulus is a truly great product. It is a wonderful shell or foundation from which to build great tools.

    My recommendation though is to spend the extra money on local programmers for the customization of Modulus. Keeping your trade secrets close will pay off in the long run.