Chart Pattern time periods

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  1. I have started using T.A. and learning chart patterns and doing some trading off them. I use double bottoms, tops, triangles, head and shoulders, blah blah

    Right now I look for these on longer, say 6 month-1 year charts.

    My question is: Can you find these in shorter, say even daily charts? I mean it makes sense to me that if the pattern makes sense in the long run it would also apply to the short term, right?


  2. yes.
  3. These show in all timeframes, even below 1 minute.
  4. They hold more weight in longer time periods. If you are going to play them in the faster time frames make sure the pattern is supported by 'something' on the larger one. Whether this is a pivot area or an important trendline, you can't just take the intraday ones because if they happen to form in mid air without some justification from the big charts, they will most likely stop you out.

  5. seadog


    I use intraday chart patterns to day trade ES. However, I use other data to confirm patterns. ie: internals of NYSE, $TICK
    I use 2-3 basic patterns, that usually work.

  6. mark2


    Paterns are good for both long and shorter time period but work better for longer time frame.

    Patterns can be used for both long and short opportuntities but they tend to work better for short opportunities.