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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kuepper, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. kuepper


    I know they have software that shows chart patterns for a given stock/future, but does anyone know if anyone makes software that screens for chart patterns in the making?

  2. morph


    John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition (Plug-in for MetaStock) has "Unconfirmed" Pattern explorations that you can run. Not sure on all the specifics but basically the explorations look for 3 out of 4 conditions to be true (Or something along those lines).
  3. kuepper


    Thanks, I'll give both a try!
  4. TimP


    From a vendor:

    Through a combination of 1- and 5-second data powered through broad market scanning and charting, ClearView delivers patterns in the making.
  5. Jamy01


    I have bought the tradingbasis tools about 2 years ago.

    Maybe it is what you search. you can scan very fast for triangles, trendchannels, support & resistance, entry signals, breakouts and much more...

    Here is the link: