Chart of the day - India's NIFTY

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  1. Monthly chart of India's NIFTY
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    Hi the chart I can see but what is your prediction ?


  3. Can I trade any future on India's index in US in $ terms. What will be the symbol? Thanks
  4. In US both "IFN" and "IIF" reflect Bombay indect movement.
    other heavy weight Indian blue chips traded
    actively in US trading are
    IBN- ICICI bank
    HDB- HDFC Bank
    INFY- Infosys
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    Via SGX (Singapore Exchange) we (IB) offer them. Symbol nifty50. Margin is in USD.

    (up 7% today)
  6. Thanks def

    My base currency is GBP . How do I know which exchange I am on? How to activate Singapore exchange on my a/c? Thanks
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    Via acct management you can set and request permissions by exchange. Base currency is irrelevant.
  8. Thanks so much. much appreciated
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