Chart of 1873 and recovery article

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  1. Thoughts, anyone? After reading the first part of the article it gives me the impression we weren't quite at the same stage in the game as the panic of 1873, we're still in the 1871 stage or so. I'll probably read this in small chunks today as I have free time.
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    check out robert sobel's book on panics; some of it is on ...
  3. Thanks for the tip, gaj. I'll definitely do that.
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    Jay Cooke's Gamble by M. John Lubetkin deals with panic of 1873 also.
  5. I remember those days like yesterday. Things were different back then. I was trading American Sugar Company, and my trades accounted for 80% of the total volume on that stock.
  6. I remember you from the bucket shops in New York town - you always had that ridiculous mustache.
  7. Must have been cool to trade both sides of a stock, watching the price hit the targets that you pushed it toward, and other traders finished for you. Sweet. Happy 150th!
  8. I had to pretend that I was a man, thus the fake mustache. Remember, those were the times when the term "women's suffrage" didn't even have a meaning in the United States.
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