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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Swish, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Swish


    I track many stocks intraday and find it often difficult to quickly assess where all stocks on a watchlist are when the market is reversing.

    Are there any charting packages out there that will load a watchlist (say 15-20 stocks) into a watchpage of intraday charts. In other words, a layout would be setup with let's say 20 charts, you would direct the program to take the watchlist and dump it into the 20 id charts. You'd look for a minute or so, then dump the next watchlist into the id charts.

    The only way I can do it now is to have the symbols preloaded into different layouts, but it takes FOREVER to close one layout and load the next - thus this isn't practical......


  2. Swish


    Can this be done in eSignal????
  3. H2O


    How often do you need to change all 20 of them ??
    If the layout isn't fast enough, than I guess you should go with linking charts.

    By clicking on the symbol you will than change the current (linked) chart to the symbols chart. If you only want info on a few stocks I guess this is the fastest way.

    If you have a list of symbols you're following, you can create charts for all of them and just leave them up and running. They will be behind other charts but one click in the taskbar will bring them up front.

    I don't know for eSignal but perhaps is it possible to have multiple layouts up and running over eachother so you can do the above with layouts ??