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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Hello fellow ET'ers: A Request. I want to do something good today in the market- I have one of my " feelings " to buy a stock it's not based much-- a contract with China that did not get rewarded by the market place, a pick by Jim Juback combined with my own anger at missing the ZOLT trade has led me to MXWL. Take a look at the chart- volume bothers me here but a clear of $15.50 or so would be clear sailing... wait for a pullback or go for it?

    Maxwell is one of the few companies that specializes in capacitors and increasingly, ultracapacitors. This new generation of capacitor has the potential to revolutionize motive and stationary power storage and distribution as we know it... Also
    Maxwell is also working with a German OEM (original equipment manufacturer) regarding ignition systems that could make car batteries obsolete.
  2. Punk volume. Someone tell me to stay away!
    Of course it's going up....
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  4. Looks to me like if I want to hold for a while- which I do I'll get high$12's... not sure the timeframe depicted in that chart but this has the makings of a false breakout.

    I rarely if ever buy IBD but I would be interested to know the accumulation rating on MXWL if anyone has a copy laying around.

    Thanx Spy!
  5. Spy I bought today. ~ stoney