Charmer Charts FTSE, Dax, Eurostoxx daily technical analysis forecast

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  1. FTSE: An open above 5513 has bulls pushing forward to 5542/50 as the next target. We should look overbought at this stage so perhaps this is a far as we can go on the upside for today. However if we do make it through 5550 look for 5575 on the way to 5598/5600.
    Initial support today is at 5494/89. Look for short covering here there’s further support today at 5477/74 where buyers may wish to attempt longs and add to them down to 5462 as there is a good chance of a low here today. A break lower however signals further losses to come with 5453/50 likely to be tested.

    Dax: A higher open could see a test of last week’s highs at 6235. Then only a break above 6239 allows for further gains to 6247/49 and then perhaps 6264/67 today. If we make it through this area today then we will have a new target of 6318/24 to head for.
    6196 is your first support today and then 6176/72 below. We could see 6153 with buyers trying their luck here and they may wish to add to longs down to good support at 6144/40. However a break below 6134 should activate stops as it signals further losses down to 6112 and this could mark the low for today so watch for keen buyers here. Only below 6107 keeps pressure to the downside with 6088/83 likely to be seen.

    EuroStoxx: The first challenge will be last week’s highs at 2790/93. A break higher from here can then test trend line resistance at 2811/14 today. Sellers will see this as their opportunity to force a ceiling in prices so watch for profit taking and the risk of the market turning lower. However a break above here free bulls to chase the market higher to 2821/25 before a target of 2845/49.
    Below 2770 sees weakness creep in to the market with 2764/62 likely to be tested but below 2758 sees further selling pressure. We could see 2748/43 before buyers try their luck today. Below 2737 however sees further selling pressure down to 2727. Sellers will wish to cover shorts here in case of a bounce but watch for a break lower as there is scope for prices to close the gap to 2713/10 where there is excellent support and this should be an excellent buying opportunity.
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