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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by swimmus, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. swimmus


    Anyone in Central Virginia area out there? I am interested in sharing ideas and talking shop (wife is burned out). I am experienced trader, been primarily a swing trader, but have scalped in the past. Right now work full time job (work nights to be able to trade) and plan on being full time no later than January of 2004.
  2. Stafford Va here.. i work during the day and trade the eurex at night though..

  3. swimmus


    Stafford is not too far, go by your area all the time to visit in laws. Would you like to meet sometime and share some ideas on trading, charting etc? I have seriously considered doing some trading at night, keep days ree to be outside with family.

    I primarily swing trade now and use options as a swing vehicle, better leverage. All cash right now and away from market until I complete a few projects.
  4. swimmus


    Asking again- Anyone out there in The Charlottesville, Virginia Region ?
  5. Phreedm


    Roanoke VA here. Swing trader. I trade from 8 to 11 most mornings, and then work my day job.
  6. swimmus


    I do trade NQ and ES as well.

    Long a few gold miners right now (lightened up recently).

    Any groups in Roanoke?
  7. I work 7-4, so it is difficult for me to trade during the day. I trade post market and at lunch heavily.

    Am looking to start trading full time in the next 10 months.
  8. hehe.. oops, never looked back at this thread.. pm me and maybe we can get together..

  9. swimmus


    Would like to hook up. Been on sidelines recently started new business. When is a good time for you?