Charlotte, North Carolina traders

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  1. vguy


    Any traders from Charlotte area in North carolina?

    I am just curious to know if any fellow 'Elitetraders' around my area.
  2. ha, I just opened up the site to find a PM from someone here in Charlotte and now this thread is started. I didn't think there was any trading interest here.
  3. There is a group called something like, "national association of securities investors". You might try that on the net. There is one such group here in Raleigh. They meet in Cary. I'm not a member.

    Also try It indicates that we once had a daytrader group here in Raleigh but it disbanded except for two people. I would really like to join a group of full time daytraders but no such luck so far.

    Good luck.
  4. Midas


    What part of Charlotte? I went school in that area before moving to FL. There were no good day trading operations at the time (2000) so I left to pursue a trading profession elsewhere.
  5. I'm in Kannapolis, a little north.
  6. I'm down in Matthews. I just moved up from south FL.

    I actually just started going to the IBD Investors meetings. The next one probably wont be til at least midway through January. There are quite a few traders at those meetings
  7. vguy


    Wow!! There are a quite a few traders in Charlotte area.
    Recently, I came to know about IBD. After lots of thinking, I registered in I would love to join IBD meetup group.

    Thanks dvshucks for this info.
  8. I am so looking forward to meeting you all and learning a lot from you guys. :D
  9. Hey, Anybody in or around North Carolina that trade futures?
  10. I trade futures options and live south of Chapel Hill.
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