charlie strikes again for the 3 pm rally

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gwac, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. gwac


    Treasury looking at taking all the crap off of the banks B/S..
  2. I want uncle sam to pay my mortgage god damn it.

    I'll take out 3 ferraris .. and I want bernanke to foot the bill.

    We are officially USSA

    United Socialist State of America
  3. One pump and dump after another.
  4. Charlie is the new Osama rumor. Remember when Osama Bin Lauden has been caught use to spark these same rallys.
  5. Digs


    WTF is this a RTC type rally
  6. Its a short squeeze.
  7. Digs


    I mean all bad assets into a RTC entity..

    WTF is this bullsh*t !!!!
  8. gwac



    This should have been done at the beginning.....
  9. Got to love these leaks. Let's bust a few traders making money off a squawk box scam, but ignore the BS like this. Business as usual.
  10. It wasn't Charlie - it was the shorts waiting till then end of the session to finally "borrow" their naked positions.
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