Charlie Rangel-D NY tax cheat

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  1. Don't forget about Marion Berry and the esteemed mayor of detriot.

    DETROIT (AP) - Only hours after agreeing to resign and serve time in jail as part of plea deal, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick expressed regret for the scandal that has engulfed the city - and left the door open for a return to public life.

    Kilpatrick walked into a City Hall conference room Thursday to thunderous applause and thanked his family, backers and staff members for sticking by him during his rocky 6 1/2-year tenure.

    "I truly know who I am. I truly know where I come from. In Detroit I know who I am. And I know because of that, there's another day for me," he said in a 20-minute speech on live television. "I want to tell you, Detroit, that you done set me up for a comeback."

    In exchange for pleading guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice, the Democrat will get four months behind bars, pay the city $1 million in restitution, lose his license to practice law, and cannot run for any elected office for five years

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    Not me. As long as restitution is made, who cares? The government doesn't stop functioning until all the overdue taxes are paid. I'm much more concerned about tax dodges than late taxes.

    In any event, if Rangel intentionally misfiled his taxes, let him be punished. He wouldn't be the first congressman from either party to be caught like this.
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  3. I have two problems with this issue:

    1. He's a democrat and will never be punished by the media. Palin's husbands DUI from 25 years ago will get more coverage.

    2. Had this been john q. private citizen he would be going to prison.

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    1. You wouldn't know about it if not for the media, and it's up to the IRS to punish him, not the media.

    2. John Q. usually has a chance to make a repayment plan, he doesn't go straight to jail except in cases of blatant tax fraud.

    3. My concern with Todd Palin is that his secessionism will not get the coverage it deserves.
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