Charlie Rangel Aide Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, May 4, 2011.

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    James Capel, a former top aide to disgraced Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel, has admitted he is a tax cheat, just like his boss.

    Capel earned $160,000 a year running Rangel’s New York office, admitted one charge of failing to file a tax return and two of tax fraud, the New York Post reports.

    Now he has until July 12 to find more than $43,000 in fines, back taxes, and penalties if he wants to stay out of jail.

    Law enforcement officials say Capel had not filed returns on his congressional salary since 2003, saving himself some $25,000 in taxes. He stopped working for Rangel in February.

    Rangel, who has represented the Harlem area of Manhattan for more than 40 years, was censured by the House in December for a series of ethics violations including failing to pay taxes on his vacation home in the Dominican Republic.
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    It would be tough to find another glaringly obvious example like this where the person in charge gets off, and his peasant ends up being charged. This is total horseshit.

    Why is it that politicians are above the law?
  3. Oh it all started when my great-great-great-uncle Louie said "Lestat cest moi"
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    Does this mean fuck you in portugese?
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    Because we passively sit back and allow it. What is needed is a million strong lynch mod to hang that lying cheating POS Rangel from the flag pole on the the White House lawn. You know, just to send a message that we're not tolerating this shit anymore.
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    Im all for this idea.

    Instead of holding politicians to higher standars we hold the people making the rules to lower standards. Does this even make sense?
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    Can we all say "SCAPEGOAT".
  8. Bingo. A healthy society is one in which the government fears the people. We SERIOUSLY need to start being more scary. We're almost at the point now where I'd support a military coup d'etat. Anything to gut these parasites.

    Charlie Rangel, he's one of the ones who was talking about how they wanted to make sure that none of the stimulus money ended up going to "white male workers".

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