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  1. The story that he came out with this morning has changed every time it's been retold.
    My question is this. How can he come out with such a dubious story quoting a fed source? If there really was a fed source (and not someone wanting to get out of their AIG position), then why would the fed tolerate such a leak?
    I know that "fed sources" make comments all the time, but in this instance why would any responsible employee be allowed to get away with leaking info at such a precarious time?
    I don't think even the clown bernanke would agree with this.
    Either the fed should sack this employee or discredit Gasperino...
  2. REad the VF article on BSC demise. Each moron at CNBC has his own producer, and there is no adult supervision.
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    He caused carnage in the markets with his comments then goes urrbaba I didn't really say that.... I'm surprised at the market's reaction

    Then some other chump says poole reaffirms no fed money then goes urrbbaba actually I mean he hasn't said any more since yesterday oops there goes another point in the dow

    bunch of jokers

    they're still bumbling trying to cover their comments
  4. He comments were just reckless. There was NO substance to it. He should be investigated....
  5. I bought and sold USG for a few hundred after his words. I think he's an obnoxious prick. So shady-looking, always oily/sweaty and blinking like he's being questioned by the cops.
  6. Amid the turmoil, CNBC's Charlie Gasparino reported that talks about saving AIG now include the possibility of federal government money. That sparked a slight recovery in AIG shares. But CNBC colleague David Faber said soon after that a private market solution to the insurer's plight was "dead." That sent AIG shares back down. They were 41% off at $2.80 during afternoon action.

    Now denies it. Guy needs to be locked-up. At least the wire-services are covering it. Cuomo needs to start printing subpoenas.
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    The only two guys I like are Cashin and Santelli. I will give Radigan credit, though, for the day he got into a pissing contest with Gasparino. I don't remember what it was about, but Gasparino was later on Fast Money, and asked for an apology since he was proven right. Radigan just flatly said "No, I'm not going to apologize to you". That was great! :D
  8. the guy is a pawn for the PPT.
  9. I heard the report. I don't recall him "quoting a fed source". Rather, the story was about a "source" mentioning some government involvement.

  10. WTF cares?
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