Charlie Gasbagrino Says Madoff Should Remain Free on Bond

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  1. Charlie Gasbagrino, securities law and moral expert par excellence...

    ...and expert on every possibly subject with 'secret sources' everywhere.

    ...a regular, modern day Woodward & Bernstein.

    Is this guy a walking, talking stereotype, or what?

    What a boiler-room, mook looking mofo'.
  2. oh, you just saw that too, on CNBC?

    they were talking water boarding him....



    he'll be doing that in prison too, come to think of it...
  3. I pride myself in my knowledge of teen-speak, but I had to look up mook in

    It's a good word with a clear, concise meaning.
  4. Surdo


    The term mook originated at Worldco in the late 90's!
  5. I didn't know what it meant, either. I thought is was a reference to his Italian heritage. I'm out of touch, I guess.
  6. Eh, not a lot different that a schmuck with 6500 posts, each a pearl in its own right, who had nothing whatsover to do with Bernie I made off with charity funds.

    But hey, we need content here!

    You know what I mean?

    Sure you do.
  7. Every breath that asshole Madoff is taking is one breath too many
  8. I'm not surprise Charie GasPipe had something to say about this issue. He always has sources and has exclusives. He makes me not wanna watch CNBC
  9. Charile's not the Federal Judge in charge of the case.
    Matters not what he says.
  10. CNBC has no credibility,

    they are racist,
    they are overly political and very rude to their guests that do not share their twisted viewpoints (just watch Krudlow, uh, don't watch him)

    they supported these Republican policies and trumpeted them and refused to report on the news as it was happening, thus contributing to the Madoff's and others who hood winked the US Economy through rose colored news reporting....

    its not surprising that this thread has so many traders who don't watch and can't stand CNBC....
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