Charlie Daniels speaks out on immigration

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    I'm not surprised, that there will be people who dont agree. There will always be people who disagree with the truth, but that doesn't change the truth. It is what it is.

    You and others, may not agree, probably because, you dont like hearing the truth.
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  2. Look, should we let in the angry young Muslim raised in a madrassa who despises this country with a passion? Of course not.

    Should we let in the educated Muslim doctor/economist/professor/other professional and his family who are in search of a better life and will contribute to the greater good of our country?

    Of course.

    There are a lot of blonde, blue-eyed, European Christians who shouldn't be allowed to step foot here.
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  3. Yeah, that combo has always freaked me out too...:mad:
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  6. Maybe someone needs to import some camels so they feel at home.

    Or a lot of sand that blows all over the place.

    Or even have a public execution of women who commited adultery.

    They like that kind of stuff...
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    Ssssshh, the british government might hear you.

    Trouble is the muslim community have done nothing to contribute to british society even before 9.11 or Iraq.

    All they do is take, take and take. Then take some more
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  8. ..and you obviously love home grown terrorists like McViegh, the Unabomber, Columbine and the KKK
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  9. Alex, you are one funny old man.
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    I've worked in a technical field with people from the middle east for a long time. One thing we can thank the Muslims for is driving the intelligent and talented people to our shores. I got to know a few extremely bright engineers, I mean, these were the guys that would not allow crappy ideas to go forward but would supply an incredibly better alternative. One was essentially the inventor of our cell phone system that is used world wide. They were people that were pretty much driven out of their part of the world by either Muslim threats or just the general zoo nature of their cultures. OTOH, a few Muslims managed to find their way to the workplace, the insanity of the level of their intolerance was undeniable.
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