Charlie Daniels Blasts Justice Department

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  1. Charlie Daniels blasts Justice Department, suggests political persecution against Gibson Guitar
    Published: 6:53 PM 10/21/2011
    By Jeff Poor - The Daily Caller

    Country music legend Charlie Daniels is convinced that politics motivated the Department of Justice’s raids on Gibson Guitar facilities.

    “I can’t understand it,” Daniels said in a Friday interview on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel. “It is like somebody took a razor-thin technicality and used it as an excuse to raid the Gibson factory with a full SWAT brigade as if they were, you know, manufacturing bombs or something.”

    “It is just crazy,” Daniels declared. “It is silly. It has to be political. It is very selective because a whole lot of guitar companies are doing the same thing and no one is bothering them.”

    Daniels theorized that political persecution is the only plausible explanation for the raids because Gibson was singled out. “What else could it be?” he asked.

    “The wood they have the problem is from India and the trade people in India have no problem with it,” he continued. “Then why should we have a problem with it? It has to be something that goes deeper than just having some wood around.”

    Daniels said that he has been playing Gibson guitars “for a half a century. They make the best product and to see them targeted and persecuted,” he said, “I have no idea where it is coming from, but when you get to the bottom of it, you will find politics. I guarantee you.”

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    There is no doubt this is the most racist DOJ in our lifetimes. Their practice, admitted to by DOJ attorneys, of turning a blind eye to voter fraud and intimidation perpetrated by blacks or against caucasians will not be investigated or prosecuted makes this racism very clear.

    And, their attempts to stonewall the investigation into Fast and Furious is further testament to their incompetent and illegal direction.