Charles Vaccaro and Oliver Velez

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  1. i HEARD THESE 2 GUYS GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO HELP TRADERS AND ALWAYS DONATE ALOT OF TIME AND MONEY TO CHARITY. is this true? also,i heard they personally guarantee every traders deposit.
  2. this board is the fuuuuu''''' king best. some of these boys are sharp as thumbtacks.
  3. I love how they disguise the 5K risk capital as a non-refundable fee.
  4. no no. that is the class fee, not deposit. that is why it is non refundable. it is payment for a lesson. then oliver lets you trade 50k of his own money(bottom left hand drawer). He 'absorbs' the loss while you split profits 50/50. Best deal on the street. how can you go wrong? is that false advertising?
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    You might want to have him prove that he can make a profit with his own 50k, before you pay him 5k to 'teach' you. I'd be surprised if he's made any real money trading in the past 5+ years. Not someone that I'd suggest you 'learn' from.
  6. Oliver Velez, is not a consistent trader. Rumor has it that he loses money on a regular basis. More so, there is speculation that his removal from PRISTINE comes from his failure to pay personal loans made to himself with company funds and trading losses.

    Charity? Hmmmm..... A golf outing is not necessarily charity. True charity exists when someone gives and expects nothing in return. Ask yourself if the people mentioned in this thread fit that profile.
  7. this is true. nothing free with these boys. they would take from their own mother. they think it is normal. 'everybodys doing it' why the hell not'. If charlie can cut a check he will(if the business is in the black). He has nightmares from F1(previous meltdown)google it. I will not break the guy because he does try. I know this. Just some people are just not that bright(genetic problem). He is just trying to live the american dream. He just could have picked a better avenue, like real estate. He needs to stay away from stocks. A gambler has no business in the trading business. it aint the 90s where suckers came out ahead. these are trying times, especially going forward. I do not think many arcades such as his stick around. I am just sick of irresponsible fuckups in this business. We need a new paradigm than 'greed is good'.
  8. There was obviously a fire sale on both sides of the Velez Capital Management and HLV Trading deal.

    Charlie Vaccaro, who openly hates black people, had to go into business with Oliver Velez. Maybe Oliver, the salesman, convinced him that he was not black.

    What caused Charlie Vaccaro recent health problems? Was it the Bryant Cooper steaks paid for by the pyramid of poor, dreaming investors that he has screwed out of money? Was it the social collapse that he has had in his life which was cause by sleeping with his friends wives? There are plenty more possible reasons why. Maybe this board might know some of them.

    I would like to see Oliver Velez trade for a living, a month, or even a profit. His book implies that he can "Profit on Every Trade". Part of his problem is that he has not been very profitable at trading. How is it that so many people are disgusted with him?
  9. I have only read a few of your posts and i am disgusted with you. funny, 11 posts all trash, shit talking. You must have some other handle? charlie is actually not as bad as you make him out to be. it was eric solomon who is the douchbag. guy was sucking charlie dry, him and his sidekick. I am glad they are gone and i heard they have a new office and charlie is trying to do the right thing. I know people that are still there and currently getting checks. dont throw old shit in someones face. if you have nothing to do go jerk off or something. until someone has a recent blowup with charlie I dont want to see another one of these posts.
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