Charles Schwab to buy Options Express

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  2. When I goggled this story, i couldn't find any coverage from the big news sources... any idea why?
  3. Not sure what you refer to by "the big news sources" however it was all over CNBC, both in pre-market and during the market.

    I believe the buyout was for a cool BILLION.
  4. god damnit they were suppose to buy etrade, fuckers!
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    All Congressmen and Senators will put a bill before the House to stop oil futures trading Monday. Only a business that uses oil in their business can buy oil, no futures trading will be allowed.
  6. SOURCE?????
  7. haha

  8. Danone it about to launch a new lemon yogourt but i've been told it's not related to the Option Xpress story
  9. Such drastic actions are already done in India.
    Food products like wheat,rice,pulses,Sugar Futures trading have been banned once or twice when specualtion in paper trading increased prices making ruling party un popular.
    Only physical traders should be allowed to trade or position limit for paper traders vs producer/consuming industry hedgers.

    Speculate in gold and silver ok- we can live with out them.
    Soon we are going to have Futures in Pure drinking water !
  10. Why not ban the stupid ETFs USO, and UNG have really screwed things up and add to volatility. Politically it seems a lot more doable. Or why not hold a gun to Ben's head and make him raise rates a couple points, that alone would make oil drop 20 bucks. The housing market is dead who gives a shit if your mortgage rate is 4% or 6% if the price of the house is less it's a wash in the end.

    Doesn't options express own OEC? Will this new company eventually offer an all in one platform like IB or TOS?
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