Charles Nenner's Forecast

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Petsamo, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. You guys may want to check this out:

    Essentially this is what he's forecasting:
    Pullback May - June, potentially up to 10-20%
    Then recovery and final peak in August (no level given)
    Then down for the next 6-12 months, potentially to around March 2009 lows well into 2011,
    At some point around mid 2011, stocks to recover to prior highs peaking in 2012
    Then begins a longer term downtrend from 2013 for many years. Indeed, in prior interviews Nenner has called the period a ‘lost decade’ similar to that experienced by Japan. FYI, his cycles regarding military conflicts point to a big one in 2013.

    Maybe Charles Nenner is Nostradamus reincarnated.
  2. I am afraid he is more right than wrong.
  3. hsa anyone subscribed to his "newsletter" before? there dosent seem to be a price for his services on his website
  4. pspr


    I don't know this guy's track record but I know he is wrong on one point. Since the world ends in 2012 we can't possibly have a war in 2013.
  5. According to the Bilderbergs it will be next in Iran.
  6. schizo


    I concur the dude has all the quality of a sage, but he ain't no Nostradamus. Check this vid and you will note that he was a bit off the mark (about 7 months to be exact). He apparently thought the 2009 rally would end in October 2009 (well, so did I :D : It ended in May 2010!

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