Charles Nenner simply unbelievable

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Lorenzo, Sep 6, 2006.

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  4. Anyone bother to post what Nenner says in his recent newletters?
  5. we've all seen this before

    some guy we've previously never heard of, is on TV, and really nailed the recent action

    but there's all kinds of guys out there, making all kinds of predictions all the time, and it's no big deal to pick the one *in hindsight* that got it right, put a camara on him, and declare him the new guru

    every time you put faith is some guru, the time will come when they really blow it, and many people who would have sensed, or do sense something wrong hesitate and get creamed, because their faith in the guru overrides their observations and judgement

    'I'll wait and see what guru x has to say, before I close the position'

    Then, after he blows it, he is quickly forgotten, and on TV, there is a new unknown guru, who just caught the recent action.....

    all IMO
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    My apologies...I'm an it wrong.


  7. Nope, I've been watching CNBC for the last 6 years and I've never seen a guy come on a show and so non-chalantly predict short-term lows and highs with such an immaculate accuracy (I think some of it has to do with his clients heeding his advice, otherwise known as self-fulfilling prophecy, but he would be a great day trader; or is it because he doesn't trade himself that he can see the market ever so clearly? :D)
  8. Something along the lines of, "If you put enough monkeys in a room with typewriters, one of them will write the Iliad" comes to mind.
  9. It's a cliche. On average the monkey needs millions of years to type out Shakespear. The frenquency of correct predicts by certain 'gurus' is enough to reject the hypothesis that their prediction is random.

  10. I would disagree but what the hell do I know.

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