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  1. Has anyone on this board had any exposure, or knowledge, of Charles Cottle's educational material that is sold on his site?
    If so, please provide some feedback as to its usefulness or otherwise. I notice he offers different levels of material ranging in price from $1000 to in excess of $4000.
    Many thanks
  2. You can get a free copy of "The Hidden Reality" from Think or Swim. IMO, it's the best options trading book released in recent years.

    You might also be interested in this (hopefully there's no problem reposting these links from RiskDoctor):

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  3. Thanks for the reply. I actually bought his book 'options trading:the hidden reality' and found it to be very good. I've also looked at the free downloads but am wondering if anyone has done the whole 'course' and their opinion in relation to it.

  4. How? Couldn't find it in their website.
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    Overall Charles' educational material is fantastic. His books are a must read for option traders in my opinion. He'll make you see your positions in a different light. I think most of what you can learn from him is in his book.

    I've participated in a few of his webinars, and overall they are good, but I've never gone with the several thousand $ commitment. It's hard to say whether 4K of options education is ever worth it given the plethora of free material out there. But his weekly webinars are an application of his trading approach to current markets, which may be helpful to some people.

    Given that he has a ton of free stuff on his website and a reasonably priced book, I would check out all that before dropping $4000.

  6. I think TOS had a limited number of copies and gave them all out.

    IIRC Cottle was one of the founders of TOS.
  7. They've since had a major falling out. Cottle doesn't speak kindly of them.
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    Maybe it was that whole Investools deal.
  9. Cottle is a bit of a character. I've met with him a few times over the years and he definitely takes some getting used to.

    Judging from my experiences with him, I tend to believe that the fault wasn't with TOS. Maybe they just couldn't deal with him anymore.
  10. Thanks for the feedback but what about his educational material - is it better/more useful than, say, Dan Sheridan?
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