Charles Cottle's Book -- Where Can I Buy It?

Discussion in 'Options' started by skadinkus, Jan 8, 2002.

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    i thought their commission rates were high. is this correct?
    what advantages does thinkor swim have?
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  2. charles's book is FREE and self published. ask him for a copy.


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    ps. at least it use to be.....
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  3. TOS is very good. However, Cottle no longer works there. So they may not longer be offering the book with new accounts. Not sure.
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  4. wow ! thanks for the info. never imagined him leaving TOS.


    surfer :)
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  5. Perception Deceptions is a Great book. Like a lot of trading books, you may find it hard to make actual money with it, but if you will do the work, you will leave that book with a much much deeper understanding of of options and the myriad of concepts and uses.


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  8. Thanks for the link.


    Man I love this site!!!!!
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    I have been using TOS for about 6 months and can't say enough good about them.

    One night a few months ago I got a call at home from TOS to tell me that my limit order should have been executed just prior to closing and for some obscure reason related to their order executionsystem, my trade did not execute properly. They were letting me know that they would re-enter the trade in the morning and would credit my account for difference between the morning execution and the price I should have received. If the price were higher, I would simply receive the higher price.

    Many kudos for such wonderful customer service and unexpected honesty..

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