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  1. I am in UK and I want to find out list of good charities- charities which have low expenses and spend more on good causes. Any idea how I can go about finding this information?

    At the moment I use Save the children, Oxfam, Redcross, Unicef, NSPCC, Sightsavers.

    Please comment. Thanks so much
  2. Not sure many of the one's you listed are so efficient, nor to benevolent in terms of not shoving bible salvation down peoples throat's in return for blankets and the like.

    Try this,

    The Fred Hollows Foundation.

    A truly useful organization, from a truly benevolent and amazing eye surgeon, who saw a need, and ran with it.

    Amazing man, amazing story, and they actually do stuff that really helps.
  3. Thanks. I will consider this. More like this ?
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    Just don't give money to Oxfam. You are just funding Max Lawson campaign for a transaction tax.
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    Jeez, why go through some bullshit charity that you aren't sure of, find some needy people where you are and hand them $100 bill...
  7. Want my address? :p I could use some charity...
  8. Not so sure, most of the major mobs are heavy full on Christianity for blankets, most of the largest organisations, oxfam, red cross, world vision, blue cross, research joints aren't so dissimilar, most of the funds go to bureaucracy and don't tend to get to the ground level, in any big way.

    Not suggesting they are all rubbish, either, far from it, but aid is a big , big international business, and funds are NOT apportioned, to necessarily helpful things.

    Maybe saving the english badger, or a struggling local wildlife/tree planting/reforestation thing/ local concern may be better value for money.
    How it could be much better, than restoring someones sight from cataracts, I don't know. I felt the need to just throw it out there.

    I assume this is tax deductible, or wouldn't even consider it?

    Well , maybe I am just a cold hearted bastard, I sponsored a kid through world vision briefly, when I looked into the situation, I found they used the extra cash to do anything but provide for the family of close to 6 kids, done nothing at all in fact.

    Christian organization, no contraception, no -nothing, really.
    Especially accountability.
  9. Thanks I donot know what to do. I want to give to charity with one click on my computer. I feel I should give to charity when I have made profits in my trading.

    I thought there was a table where various charities were ranked based on their expense ratio. Could not find anything. Charity commissioner should publish something like this.
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    Here is some information from this New Jersey "charity navigator"
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