'Charities' Funnel Millions to Climate-Change Denial

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  1. There is a good reason that there is confusion and doubt about AGW.....

    "A British newspaper claims to have discovered the convoluted way oil billionaires in the United States can funnel huge amounts of cash toward climate change-denial campaigns, while reaping tremendous tax advantages in the process.
    A shadowy group called the Donors Trust is largely funded by billionaire Charles Koch and his wife Liz, according to an investigation by The Independent. The trust indirectly receives millions of dollars in funding from a third-party group called the Knowledge and Progress Fund, which the Koch family operates, the paper claims.
    Charles Koch and his brother David are majority shareholders in Koch Industries, an immense conglomeration of oil and gas companies with a global reach — and a definite interest in denying any link between fossil-fuel use and climate change.

    According to the Independent's investigation, Donors Trust has given significant funding to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a right-wing think tank. Climatologist Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University has sued that group, claiming it accused him of scientific fraud and compared him to a child molester. (Nine investigations of Mann's climate research, including one by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and another by the National Science Foundation, have found no evidence of academic fraud. The CEI removed the harsh claims several days after publication.)
    Mann, however, remains committed to promoting a science-based approach to climate change. "I like to think we're turning the corner on this issue. The damaging impacts that climate change is already having on us here in the U.S. … are increasingly clear to the person on the street," Mann told LiveScience in an email interview.
    "Climate-change denial, despite the great degree of funding and organization behind it, is simply no longer credible to the vast majority of the public," Mann said. "It is my hope — and my expectation — that we will soon transition from the unworthy debate about whether the problem even exists to the worthy debate to be had about what to do about it."

  2. Let's take a look at some enlightening material on Professor Mann at Penn State. He is the man who drove the fabricated hockey stick thesis and started all this 'global warming' nonsense. He and others fabricated the East Angelia climate data and left a clear set of leaked emails demonstrating that 'global warming' is a hoax and for years they drove a complete deception.

  3. Can you explain just how many millions have been funneled from the Climate Claim proponents such as Al Gore. How much has he made off of his associated for-profit carbon credit business? The last count was $400 million into his pocket.

    Even worse - a good portion of the money pushing 'climate change' comes directly from your tax dollars as grants given to university professors and foundations to 'study' climate change. At last count over $2 Billion tax dollars has been spent on 'climate change research'. Of course if the results of your study finds no climate change, you will never get a government dime again.

    Over 80% of the money spent on climate change comes from organizations and governments who push a climate change agenda. The actual $25M given directly by the Koch brothers (if you bother to look at the details) is minuscule in comparison.

    It also appears by the title of the thread that you are completely ignorant about the difference between a 'non-profit' and a 'charity'.
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    We've heard all these arguments before, from dumping human waste in Lake Michigan, through coal dust, lead, mercury, second hand smoke, leaded gas, wheelchair access, etc. Everything is "a scam" by some hidden vested interest opposed to the obvious vested interest, and business will become too burdened, too costly to be profitable, yada yada fucking yada, century after century. Yet, here we are, and I'm about to have my most profitable year ever confirmed, and my sector has never been so regulated.
  5. Thank you for showing how effectively the disinformation campaign funded by interests like the Koch bros has deluded quite a few people. Essentially everything you said above is wrong. But it's not your fault, you have simply been duped by big tobacco. Remember, nicotine is NOT addictive.

    BTW the hockey-stick chart is, and is proving to be correct.
  6. 1) Al Gore has nothing to do with this.

    2) Climate study is publicly funded, as opposed to the denier campaign. Right now climate study and climatologists is very much involved with AGW, for good reason. Push a climate change agenda? You mean listening to the current state of the science and acting accordingly to address a concern? Any idea how much money a climatologist that can disprove AGW would attract?

    3) I pasted the title of the article so take it up with the headline editor.
  7. The hockey stick has been demonstrated to be totally incorrect. Professor Mann and his cronies are shown to be complete frauds by their own emails. All the points I make are obviously correct to any rational person who goes through the data. Even MIT professors call Professor Mann a complete fraud and Penn State's investigation of him a complete white-wash (as noted in the article).

    You can put your hands over your ears and yell like a 3 year old 'nah nah nah I can't hear you' when confronted with information that conflicts with your pre-ordained perspectives.... or you can be rational and go through the data in the manner a practical engineer or scientist would and the decit of the 'global warming' promoters would be clear.

    It is you obviously who had been deluded by disinformation and propaganda from 'climate change' promoters... who are pushing an agenda that personally profits them. How much did Al Gore make off of Carbon Credits.... last count was $400 Million.
  8. So let me get this straight. If the Koch brothers fund a foundation to deny climate change and make money off energy sector investments then this is completely evil.

    If Al Gore drives a national campaign where he flies all over the country frightening people with apocalyptic vision of 'global warming' ending life on the planet within decades, and then proceeds to make $400 million off a carbon trading scheme then this is perfectly acceptable. Hard to make a case that 'Al Gore has nothing to do with this' - his private non-profit foundation is the largest non-government supporter of 'climate reseach' giving many millions in grants to universities and foundations that support the climate change agenda.
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    We've heard all your bull shit arguments before too.
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    I'm not confused about it.
    It's a lame excuse to tax and control me even more than I already am.
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