Charges against HP's Dunn dropped

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    NEW YORK ( -- A state judge in California Wednesday dropped the charges against ex-Hewlett-Packard chair Patricia Dunn, who was accused of wire fraud in the company's boardroom spying scandal.

    Dunn originally faced four felony charges and jail time in the case.

    Three other defendants - Kevin Hunsaker, Ronald DeLia and Matthew Depante - pleaded "no contest" to the wire fraud charge, a misdemeanor in California.

    Earlier today the California Attorney General's office issued an incorrect press release stating that defendants would enter guilty pleas to the wire fraud charges.

    Hunsaker is HP's former senior lawyer. DeLia is a private detective and owner of Outsourcing Solutions. Depante is a co-owner of Action Research Group, which is alleged to have surreptitiously obtained and sold confidential phone records.

    DeLia and Depante were hired by HP in the boardroom probe.

    The court did not accept the pleas of the other three defendants and offered to dismiss the charges against them if they met two conditions. By Sept. 12 they must serve 96 hours of community service, and complete any court-filed restitution requests made by victims.

    The court dismissed Dunn's charge Wednesday due to her ongoing battle with ovarian cancer, according to the attorney general's office.



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    Pure bullshit. I don't see this kind of compassion among the common people.
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    Dunn has been diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Give the lady your heart felt good wishes.
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    Is she the only criminal ever to have cancer? There are much sicker people dying in our jails that have commited much less crimes, the only difference was it was not 'white collar crime'.