Characteristics of the resident troll

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  1. We are all familiar with the resident troll's MO, but why is it what it is?

    What pathetic circumstances would make someone spend most of their lives on ET, hijacking threads, defending pedophilia, displaying their hypocrisy and obfuscation on a daily basis, initiating flame wars, and then whining to the powers-that-be for protection when their disgusting practices are pointed out by other members?

    Is it:

    1) An addiction to alcohol?

    2) A nasty divorce?

    3) A lack of a sexual partner (the unpaid kind)?

    4) A disturbing affinity for children?

    5) Complete lack of social prowess that makes it unable to function outside of its squalid abode?

    6) A reclusive existence (closely tied to # 5)?

    7) A combination of all the above?

    I have probably missed certain characteristics, so please feel free to share. There are numerous trollologists present who, I am sure, will be able to add data gleaned from years of observation and interaction with the sad creature in its habitat.
  2. self loathing
  3. hughb


    Can we consolidate all of hap's troll/pedophile threads into one? He's got about a dozen or so going, and for some reason he seems to want to stick some of them in the feedback section.
  4. I'm inclined to agree. Can we stop putting this in a section that is designed to offer suggestions on the site, or requested changes?
  5. Too bad you can't count... And I don't hear you bitching about the plethora of threads started by He-Whose-Name-Cannot-Be-Mentioned (not that you even care about how ridiculous that is, though, right?).

    If you don't like threads that highlight the disgusting habits of the resident troll, or that question the non-objectivity of moderators in the P & R forum, simply put me on Ignore.

    But I doubt you'll be able to do so since it's evident that you'd rather start a pissing match.
  6. As an objective moderator, then, surely you agree that the threads in this forum having to do with "groupthink" and the "ignore feature" should have the same restrictions as you are proposing for this thread, right?
  7. Nope this section is dedicated to trivial tripe, bashing moderators and two-bit complaints that Joe must address. Finally, we get to do a little bashing of Baron himself at times. This is the feedback section where anything goes.

    This aint the Forex boards where everyone is civil and drinks tea. This is Elitetrader, home of the bucketshop hero and the underwear trader that seems to love IBKR.


  8. I do. But that's not likely to effect anything.
  9. Yup, all of the above (and self-loathing for certain), plus:

    8) Textbook Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

    9) Lawful-Evil alignment.

    10) Jealously towards its superiors (= pretty much everyone).

    11) Suffered severe child-abuse, neglect & betrayal- possibly even molestation.

    12) Gripped by constant fear.

    13) Nihilism/burning hatred towards all humanity.

    14) Rock-bottom self esteem.
  10. All good points, RM. Kudos to Haroki for his addendum as well.

    BTW, what do you estimate the troll's age to be?
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