Chaplin vs. Keynes

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    OK, trivia question: who was the better trader, Charlie Chaplin, the comedian, or J.M. Keynes, the economist?

    Well judging by the fact, that Chaplin sold all his stocks in January 1929 (after he read a book citing joblessness as a critical barometer of economic activity) compared to Keynes taking a massive hit during the year, I have to vote for Charlie.

    Sure, Keynes made a nice recovery after the Crash, but still, he as an economist couldn't forecast what could be seen with a little education and common sense.

    Always trust your local comedian vs. the economy prof... :)
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    good thing he didn't read The Roaring 2000s : Building The Wealth And Lifestyle You Desire In The Greatest Boom In History by Harry Dent, otherwise he could still be long.
  3. Wrong question. Keynes was the better queer.
  4. Yes Keynes was a rather dramatic cross dresser.

    He and J. Edgar Hoover were close friends you know.

    Both liked to wear ballerina outfits, tiara's and diamond earings

    According to their biographers, Hoover favored Channel Ultra Red lipstick while Keynes liked Christian Dior and Elizabeth Arden products.

    I have a photo of J. Edgar in toe shoes, wearing his service revolver on his hip, dancing "Swan Lake".

  5. What would the public pay today to see the snapshots the Mafia claimed they had of J. Edgar in drag? Too bad we don't have any pictures of him with Clyde Tolson! Veeeeery pretty booooooy!
  6. I have a couple of pics of J.Edgar.

    Here is one that I really like.