ChaosNSX's Trading Chat Room (Now w/ Trader Status)

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ChaosNSX, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. ChaosNSX's Trading Chat Room

    Let me preface this first as saying this may end up being a horrible idea, and prove to be a detracting cacophony. :eek:

    It is my sincerest hope that in this time of deep recession, when others around us are facing growing scarcity, we as traders and those who are now choosing to pursue this long process of self-actualization realize the concepts of attaining abundance through adaptive proficiency.

    I have been trading for about 10 years, 6 of them professionally. I owe a substantial portion of my development to various mentors, as well as to the great, insightful, and always entertaining collective community that is

    So far the universe has been pretty good to me, and I have always been a believer in the masonic ideal of essentially "where we go one we go all". Be this pertaining, to trading, to humanity, to anything you can think about. The soul can not truly coexist without others.

    I used to trade on a trading floor with a great group of guys. Ever since my operation moved, I am managing from a home based office and feel a lack of daily trading commeraderie, and social interaction, aside from mandatory business related calls. Whereas this is good for productivity, I'll be the first to tell you as a trader its personally mentally destructive, and borderline mundane.

    Here is my proposal ETites, a trading chat room for futures & equities. Concept (PTCR) Philanthropic Trading Chat Room. For the fledged, for the intermediate, for the neophyte, for the bored.

    Just download the Ventrilo client (Google it if unfamiliar) grab your headset or microphone, and then connect during the trading day using the following settings.


    Port: 5237


    Initially there are only going to be 8 slots available, but I'll consider expanding it if I feel like it makes sense. This channel exists to sharpen, minds, and edges through a free exchange of ideas. This channel is completely free, and exists so long as it does not interfere or detract from my current trading obligations. I hope you all enjoy and benefit from the channel and each other. :)

    Trade well,

    ChaosNSX's Philanthropic Trading Chat Room Real Time Active Status of Traders
    <span id='instantventrilo'></span><script type="text/javascript" src=";PORT=5237&amp;CHANNEL_WNOUSER=YES&amp;FONTSIZE=16&amp;CONLINK=YES&amp;HELP=NO&amp;WIDTH=400&amp;BGCOLOR=000000&amp;STYLE=2&amp;SHOW_IP_PORT=YES&amp;SN_BGCOLOR=009900&amp;SN_COLOR=FFFFFF&amp;INFO_BGCOLOR=000000&amp;INFO_COLOR=FFFFFF&amp;HELP_BGCOLOR=CCCC99&amp;HELP_COLOR=000000&amp;CHANNEL_BGCOLOR=CCCCCC&amp;CHANNEL_COLOR=FFFFFF&amp;UN=FFFFFF&amp;UN_BG=009900&amp;METHOD=js"></script>
  2. Sounds like a great idea. I am sure you will get the lucky 8 together.

    BTW is your handle in any way related to the beast from Japan" Acura NSX?
  3. Thanks Saxon,

    It will be nice to get the feeling back of a floor again, with a good group emerging, though this time around it will be completely virtual.

    Amazing what our high tech society has become, and how its transposed current trading methods of how we communicate and get things done.

    As far as trading itself, like Livermore said " there is nothing new in Wall Street. There can't be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again."

    Yes correct that is what the moniker refers to. Looks like for now the current beast is the Nissan GTR. Acura keeps delaying their NSX2 (HSC) car.

  4. Congrats Chaos, great contribution. Looking forward to this.

    Rennick out:cool:
  5. Update: I just set the settings on the server to be up 24/7 for our foreign friends to use, and for people to test connections so they won't have to in the room during RTH.
  6. I was able to connect to the server last night, btw. Might check it out again later next week. Cool contribution!
  7. oraclewizard77

    oraclewizard77 Moderator


    I got it to work. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute to the room, and will be allowed to stay.

    Please note that I have other responsibilities during the day, but will try to stay on and in time will be able to concentrate my full energy and money to day trading.
  8. I received some PMs over this weekend asking about the Chat room. Here is some additional information.

    1. Starting off there are 8 "unreserved" slots. People I am sure will drop in and out during the day based on their schedules.
    If it makes sense to grow will add more slots. All I can say is get there early at first.

    2. The room will be online 24/7. It is up right now.

    3. I personally don't see a neophyte versus a fledged trader benefiting any more than the other from the room.
    A beginner or part timer can discuss where to start, and a pro can discuss and be reminded from whence they came, and to be observant of how beginners are adapting in todays trading environment. This allows all to constantly tailor approach in such a dynamic field.

    4. The room enables participants to both talk, and type in the chat room.

    5. The client is at

    6. Using a headset, works best.

    7. Kindly check any egos at the door.
  9. Good stuff man...I'll have to check it out sometime.
  10. limit


    Interesting idea, keep us posted as to the trials and tribulations.
    #10     Jan 25, 2009
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