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  1. He's in violation of ET's TOS in posting his ridiculous chat-room venture. I posted the following to his thread, which was deleted by ET in less than 30 seconds:

    It's not about the amount. I assume most of us can divide the fee by the number of trading days in a month. I assume that is not the value-add.

    A month ago it was free. You have a barrier to entry that one must be vouched-for, which is a nice gimmick. Regardless, you're intent is to maintain high standards of contributers, but you're charging them for the privilege to contribute.

    The "collectiveFX" thread was closed due to non-sponsorship posting of a commercial enterprise. Chaos is posting this on multiple threads and violating ET TOS. Ivanovich/ET closes the collective thread when Chaos violates the same TOS on multiple threads.

    If you having trouble finding the guru at the table... it's the guy collecting the rake.

    What's the problem, Baron? Ivanovich?
  2. Actually I am not, ask Barron if need be. Thank you for your concern though. :)
  3. I believe his name is Baron. You're not doing what exactly?
  4. Yes its Baron my mistake.. Was multi-tasking.
  5. I hear ya, Bro. Spamming must be hella time-consuming.
  6. How long until this thread sees deletion like all the posts?
  7. Wow, what happened to all the "philanthropy" and shit?

    Tough economy huh?

    $300/mo LMFAO!

    Mod or not, this is straight up spam.

    What a bunch of bullshit.
  8. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I told him he could promote his room for a limited time.
  9. Ahh, understood. So the TOS rules are not applied evenly. CollectiveFX gets yanked and Chaos can spam with his formerly philanthropic, $300 chatroom.

    Thanks for the elaboration.
  10. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    That's correct.
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