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    Ok we keep seeing this hysterical commercial on CNBC while trading and it always makes us laugh.

    What I can't figure out is how in the world do they still have money to put up those idiotic commercials. I mean who in the world is dumb enough to listen to that "buy low, sell high" bullshit after this 3 year long bear market.

    Just curious if anyone ever checked them out and figure how they make money.
  2. its easy- buy low, sell high, the same stock, again and again- the profits add up.......then you can retire like bob did with his subscription to
  3. As I understand it, some stocks move in channels. Apparently, this was overlooked bya few people like Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, goldman, Morgan, waxie, Warren Buffett, Jim Cramer, George Soros, shortboy and Jim Rogers.
  4. and don't forget

    Anti Aircraft Artilliary-in -the-belt-way....:D
  5. *******
    AAAinthebeltway hit the bullseye again.:cool: Youre right on the silliness of the left on hate speech also.

    If some one doesnt understand
    support and resistance the free examples might be helpful; not volume wise however.
    +++++++ quote''Minimum average daily TRADING volume =50,000,but we always look for more'' Hard to believe a pay service has a minimum 50k average daily trading volume per stock.:mad:
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    I can't believe there are idiots that pay for this service.

    I read the FAQ

    No free trial since they want to make sure you pay before you find out what BS it is

    No refunds

    No archives

    LOL they have some sample "channels" which are basically just choppy see-saw charts.

    But at 14.95 per month, you gotta figure that this has to be a great strategy since they sell it to the public at such a high price.

    It's still beyond me who is stupid enough to pay for this Piece of Shit.
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    I have talked to several people who said channeling stocks was a big disappointment. Have not found one person who actually liked it. Like they say, there's a sucker born every minute. And many of them watch CNBC commercials.
  8. Who knew investing could be so simple?
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    That is no surprise but how the world can they afford to run those dumbass commercials so much? I mean they get major network play also.

    Gotta be all debt financed, soon to be bankrupt.

    Gives me an idea.
  10. First we need to set the scene: tension fills the air -- sweat streaming down the face of hardened trader (no formal trading; he's from the school 'o hard knocks). It's a freak'in dog fight in the spoo pit -- bogies everywhere!! Not a wingman in sight!! Cut to the "Master Trader", working SUNW in 100 share lots (he's a serious player!). --

    "Here I am watching 6 stocks, BID, ask, SIZE!!! -- never take my eyes off the screen!! It's like playing the piano"

    ...uhhhh, everyone say, "a-hole."

    I normally have CNBC muted, but every now and then one of these "marketing gems" gets through the green dog filter system.

    dog:cool: :cool:
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