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  1. Jeeezzz, how much money is this thing making? They have commercials on CNBC about every 5 minutes. They must be making some serious loot with subscriptions. I have no idea how much they charge or if they're good. Anyone know anything about this site?
  2. thanks for the concern, but I wasn't even considering it. my fascination with them was soley in how much money they spend on advertising, and therefore how much money they must be making as a service. it seems rather bizarre to me that a stock picking site is making enough to pay for regular ads on CNBC.
  3. Those clowns have been running that ad since summer of '01. You'd think they'd be out of business by now.

    But hey, Miss Cleo's ads ran for even longer, so I guess there may be enough simpletons out there to keep this sort of operation afloat.
  4. i bet cnbc adds arent that expensive nowdays.with a 44% drop in ratings in one year you cant charge much.
  5. see IBD newspaper on weekends

    thats when 'buriedtreasure' ad runs

    usually it touts buying KKD going into earnings

    I can't believe IBD accepts ads like this
  6. maxpi


    The advertise a lot on Bloomberg TV too.

  7. cheeks



    :D Maybe Maria will have to start showing a little more skin.

    I knew there was something positive in all this.
  8. yeah!! That's how I retired.

    You see, certain stocks move in a channel -- so you buy low and sell high!!


    (I get a kick out of that one)!
  9. I bet you're right. Even the major cable nets have shockingly small audiences.

    I wonder who is more accurate, Miss Cleo or channeling stocks?
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