Channeling Stocks

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  1. gotta love the graphic.
  2. hello 777,

    this seems to be a slick marketing of the olde wade cook method of channeling. statistically, the system is absurd.


  3. Wade Cook is a genius he invented what they call rolling stocks. Until Wade Wall St didn't know stocks had these type of patterns. Did you hear his testimonials they were inspiring.
  4. lol.....yeah wall street didn't know that stocks go up and down until Wade Cook came along.....he he. And now channeling stocks is the new big thing !!!!
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    555, you crack me up sometimes...

    Has anyone seen the t.v. commercial? Somebody asks this guy, who looks like he's 23 yrs old and is packing up his personal belongings at the office, how he is able to RETIRE so he tells them he owes it all to, and then proceeds to draw a simple channel that his stocks apparently trade in with perfect precision. I thought I'd seen it all...this makes Wade Cook look like an alterboy.
  6. uh, can I have your stapler?
  7. I found this great new web site that is allowing me to retire. It's called It's a great concept that seems to have escaped all of wall street. You see, you buy a stock when it is cheap and sell it when it is expensive. You keep the difference!

    I'll let you buy my book some time!
  8. Don't forget my websites- and .

    I like those over the top ads. My favorite ones were those radio ads for heating oil options where the trade was based on the totally unknown fact that it gets colder in the winter. I think the NFA put those kinds of ads out of business. Too bad. It was good for a laugh.

    The ads for the trade secrets seminars were good too. You could recover your stock market losses by trading stocks which is like jumping into the fire from the frying pan.