Channel Based Trading

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    Which are some of the recommended books to expand on "Channel Based Trading" knowledge ?

    Thank you for your input.
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  3. Looks like it covers all the basics. Of course, if you want to learn to trade with channels, no amount of knowledge gained from a book is gonna get you there. It's as futile as trying to learn to ride a bike by reading. You just need to hop on the seat and start peddling.

    That said, I thoroughly enjoyed "Channels for Building Wealth" by the Jackmeister. It turned me on to the YM 2m chart.
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    Ughhhh Hershey, no thanks.
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    Hershey no?Then why don't you try uncle Dow instead.Its quite the same,only without
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    I offer a good written book and as follow up I get Hershey.

    Talk about getting punk'ed.
  7. Did you really "offer" anything? Are you the copyright holder of the said book and are now renouncing such copyright and putting the book in the public domain? It's obvious you are not, which means either you don't know what it is to offer something to others or you are inflicted with psychotic delusions of grandeur.

    When you put in the time and effort to scope and bound your use of a tool and release your work gratis with the intention to enhance other people's understanding, like Hershey has done, then you can say you offered something. Posting a link to someone else's work at an online retailer ain't offering shit.
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    It's very hard, to take anyone seriously when claiming to make 3 x daily range or more and REGULARLY, without a single ounce of proof.

    One would need to be quite ignorant to actually consider that as possible or do you believe in Santa Claus ?
  9. But he is the master of SCT!

    (...Shameless Con Trading :D)
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    Great description, I was confused, I actually thought it stood for

    Satanic Chart Trading.
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