Changing your Subconscious mind ?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. bat1


    Changing your Subconscious mind
    to be a better trader..

    nobody seems to ever talk about the subconscious mind

    however, your little subconscious mind controls your
    way of thinking and your pocket book!

    Garbage in garbage out ......

    if you feel like a loser some days and talk to your self
    about what a loser I am for making that trade..

    your Subconscious mind will record this and keep you being
    a loser...

    So, watch what you say to your self and think kind and happy
  2. ocean5


    Better chant Mantra,my dear.
  3. Lornz


    Are you talking about the unconscious mind?
  4. vinc


    Imagine Simons changing his subconscious mind, lol :)
  5. Valid point, Bat1.
    Another way of introduction to "collapsing the wave" would be to just start the day being grateful for the good we have in our lives.
  6. The older I get the easier this becomes...