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    I have Windows ME on a PC and want to change it because it is rubbish.Is it dificult to change Operating Systems,I want to totally remove ME,I have spoke to a few Tech guys who told me I could upgrade to Win2000Pro or XP without any problem without totally removing ME first,
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    In general, this should be a cakewalk. And, you should do it - both XP and W2K are much more stable than WinME.

    However, there are a couple caveats to this advice. First, make sure your hardware is supported on your new OS of choice. If you bought your computer from a big name (like Dell) in the last year or two, it's very likely that your system will run the new OS fine. If you bought it from the clearance rack at Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Computer Shop and Lawn Service, then you will need to do fairly extensive research.

    Next, get the proper drivers for your hardware for the new OS. Chances are, the OS will have the drivers already on the OS CD. But, you don't want to have the OS installed then find out you need to DL a driver from the net for your NIC - and you can't get to the net `cuz your NIC won't work w/o the driver. Of course, if you have another `puter, you can ignore this problem :D.

    Also, getting the OS drivers for your hardware is another way to be sure that your hardware actually does work under that OS.

    This is a bit of overkill, but it does cut down on the hair loss during an OS upgrade :D.
  3. You can do that, and I know many that have. However, its usually best to do a complete clean install. I personally upgraded Windows NT to XP and also know someone who upgraded Win 98 to XP without any problems, but some people have ran into issues until they re-installed from Scratch.

    BTW, unless you have a particular reason for going with 2000, I would go with XP. Its more user friendly (and some of the real annoying "user friendly" features can be turned off)
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    Make sure you do a total backup and confirm your hardware is compatible for Windows XP if that's the OS you choose to install.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either OS, I run both and they are both very solid for me. I would lean towards XP Pro since that is the OS that's newer and the one that Microsoft will support the best and for a longer period of time.

    If I were you, I would definitely spend some quality time reading Microsoft's website as well as some other technical discussion groups relating to your upgrade.

    Just my 2 cents...

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  5. Robbo,
    You could install the new OS in a different directory, making your computer dual booted. That way you could get use to, and slowly migrate the new OS environment.

    Cheers! :)
  6. It is a fairly simple procedure. However, follow the following procedure will save you many headaches:

    1. Check your hardware for minimum requirement and compatibility. If you have a Pentium with 16 mB of memory and 2 GB hard drive,(not a P3) then it is a waste of time to upgrade to W2K or XP. Go to microsoft web site to check this out.

    2. If you meet the minimum requirement and compatibiity then obtains the latest drivers for your video card, sound , mouse, network interface card,.. from the vendor.

    3. WIN 2k is an older version of XP. So if you upgrade, you are better off upgrade to XP if you have the hardware. Many of XP drivers work fine without any upgrade but you never know!

    4. Check all your required software and make sure they are supported under XP.

    5. Buy an extra hard drive, do a clean install on the new hard drive. Use your existing drive for backup purpose. 40 GB IDE hard drive goes for $70-90.

    I did many system upgrade this way for several of my friends without any problem. Good luck!

    Remember : Plan once act twice. Plan twice Act once!
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    I'm running both W2K and XP. Intentionally chose W2K for my trader, partly because I keep it "lean".... only trading related and inet functions on it. For all the other stuff (and as a trader backup, if ever needed) I've got an XP machine.

    My "restore" cd for W2K is 1 disk. Restore for XP (with all the programs and junk) is 5 disks. I wouldn't look forward to reinstalling XP, but on a lean-and-mean W2K setup... restoration is almost a snap.

    In either event, I too recommend a "fresh" install, not an upgrade. my .02 :D
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    I strongly recommend a clean install for any new OS.
    But, before installing the new OS, i would like to stress the importance of the initial disk partitioning : here a very good faq on that issue...
    A good partitioning will then allow you to make very efficient back up using the partition "cloning" feature of software such as Norton Ghost (my personal favorite) or Drive Image of Powerquest.
    So, if one day your OS is screwed by a virus, it will take you few minutes to have a fully operational system again using the restore of a past cloned image of your system partition..


    PS : : link to the ghost faq
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    I recently upgraded from NT to 2K Pro. No complaints so far. The issue of finding compatible drivers, BIOS, etc is a valid one. Also consider that your current system may not have sufficient memory for the new OS and your applications. Considering the cost of the new OS and possible hardware changes, I would just buy a new machine in your case. The costs are probably pretty close.

    BTW, my 2K Pro UPGRADE box says it will not upgrade win ME so that means a more costly purchase of the entire OS.
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    I upgraded a Windows 98 machine to Windows 2000 pro. I found the following website article to guide me through the process.

    Do a search for installing windows and you will find several related sites.
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