Changing my name to Rothschild

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  1. I no longer identify with common people.

    My vast knowledge is ridiculed by the commoners, It is time to accept the
    emblem and the name of the elite. Not to gain, but to legitimize what
    has already been gained.

    goodbye commoners, I shall think of you from time to time as I see you
    toil in the fields.

    Brian Rothschild (my soon to be real name)

    Rothschild coat of arms.
  2. check your birth certificate numbers

    these are numbers we gave you because we own you.

    I own are my property, but be not sad......I take care of my property :D
  3. Why cant you make a name for yourself? why do you need to steal someone elses?

    you must be drunk.
  4. no I am not drunk, I can't use my name anymore because it is associated with people I no longer belong with

    I am talking about commoners of course, you know, people like yourself :)
  5. AK100


    Believe me NO Rothschild would ever be called 'Brian'.
  6. yes I thought about that about 5 minutes ago, I suspect you are correct

    OK fine

    how about David, yes David will work
  7. You must be a Madoff then....or even more drunk.
  8. it isn't something your kind can understand so you try to come up with labels you can comprehend

    I used to pity people like you, I even tried to help you in my misguidance
  9. In order to legally change your name you must go to court and demonstrate that you have been using the new name for several years. So start now. Write a few articles in newpapers or blogs. It may take a while to build the credentials.
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    Please elaborate. I believe the name Bryan to be a great name. I may be a little partial.
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