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  1. Hope someone has an answer to this one as it bugs the heck out of me. I changed my monitor setup on one of my computers from three monitors to two. Now, when I open Sierra charts, it goes to the now nonexistent monitor and I cannot get it to open on one of the present monitors. I can reinstall it but am curious as to why it does this and is there a solution other than reinstalling.
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    Not sure "why" (I've got a MetaStock function which appears to have a mind of its own, regardless of what I do).... you could try going into Display and deactivating the 3rd monitor. Or, just remove the 3rd monitor's video card. Then, the program will have no choice but to put it on one of the 2 remaining. If that doesn't work, then you need to reinstall the 3 monitor setup. When the program starts up on the wrong monitor, move it. THEN uninstall the 3rd monitor/video card.
  3. I already removed the third video card. Thats why I dont understand why it acts as if its still there. In Device Manager it only shows the two cards I have installed.
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    I have this same problem with my laptop, when I removed the monitor (2nd screen) I have one application that still thinks the monitor is attached and it loads outside of my view. No idea why.
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    Could be something like a program "cookie". Suggest you reinstall the 2nd screen and "move" the program to the remaining screen.

    It shouldn't work "this way", but there are glitches.
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    It's because your system remembers where you had the window when you last closed it (and assumes that's where you want it).

    There's probably an option someplace to disable that, and just have everything open on your main screen - but I sure can't find it :(.
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    I've had your problem before. Frustrating. Still, reinstall the 3 card, 3 monitor setup and move the program to one of the remaining monitors. Likely there is a cookie for the program and it's not recognizing that the 3rd monitor is no longer there.
  8. You can move the program to one of the other monitors even if it starts on the wrong one. NOTE: Use the keyboard for everything in the following instructions:

    Start the program.
    hit ALT+SpaceBar.
    You should get a popup menu with MOVE being one of the options. Select MOVE and hit ENTER.

    You many not see anything happen, but use the keyboard arrow keys to move the window to where you want it to be. If the 3rd monitor used to be to the left of the primary one, use keyboard RIGHT arrow to move it to the current monitor.
  9. I love it. I knew that out there somewhere someone would know the answer. I have been messing with computers for quite awhile now but I amazed at how little I know. Thank you J medved.