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  1. Hi, I just opened a live trading account with Mirus Futures and an issue arose about setting a client's login and password.

    Does a broker (Mirus in this case) itself sets up a client's login and password or can clients name their account and password anything they want?
    I wanted to create my own private password as opposed to what they sent me and they said that I have to let them know what it is and then they change it on the server side...
    Is this the common way for brokers to do things?
    Thanks for any input.
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  3. Yes, if it's not their own software
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    Can you add anything related to the topic issue?
  5. Thanks for the reply.
    You mean if actual trading/charting software is not provided by broker directly than the broker creates his own login/pass for client for that charting software?
    It's weird....what happens to client's privacy related to accessing his account then?? I doubt that brokers are all saints.
  6. For all that are still curious about this topic.
    Seems like the general convention is that the broker sets your login and password which you cannot change apparently without the broker's knowledge of them....provided your trading/charting software or interface is not broker's own.
    ....I just talked to somebody familiar with the matter.
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    The broker may setup a password for you initially, but usually the front end trading screen (not charting screen) lets you set your own password. which front end do you use ?