Changing Habits

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    Yup, well spoken ;

    met them both.

    Battle laziness when vision of WHY do we do - what we do - fades out.

    Battle the overwork, when creative mind, gets bored fast, so it decides to change the plan , to ,,improve it", without giving enough time, for the stratagy to play out completely.
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    These are the two books i can recommend would really guide you to alter your habits.

    “Self Discipline” by David Clark

    “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

    Hope it helps:)
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  4. The One Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Rapasan
    It will help you challenge your limits and overcome any kind of challenges you have in order to live your best life.
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  5. Can you elaborate?

    Often, people can't change behaviors because their identify is still tied to the old behavior. Accordingly, sometimes the quickest way to change behavior is to change your self-image. Most lottery winners don't do this and end up blowing all their money -- because they still have a "poor" mentality.

    Going back to the post about David Goggins' "Cant Hurt Me" -- Goggins transformed his mind into someone else -- the beast called "Goggins."

    This video explains it a bit:

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    that you already see this in yourself is great.. i see this same tendency

    breaking habits is breaking down thick castle walls we have built over a long time in the mind. it is very tough. see deeper. find out what are your triggers. put your self in triggered situations to push beyond mental walls

    how much do you really understand yourself? take personality tests like 16personality and enneagram. see how others of your personality type overcame their hurdles.. via a simple google: advice from older xxxx personality
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    My humble opinion is instead of changing what you considered "bad habits", make the "bad habits" work for you by changing your strategy to "fit" your "bad habits".

    As an example, if you are the gambling type, buy options, if you are naturally a conservative guy, write cover calls. Of course the devil is in the details as there is no edge either buying or selling options randomly or mechanically.
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    I have read this book. It’s really good.
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  10. Andrea Wylan

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    The calm we seek I think is from releasing traumas from the past. It is deep! Meditation, hypnosis, breath work, and tools like that can help in this process. When I work with clients it is to help them get to a place where they can release the traumas for good, rather than have to fight against them and be "disciplined". Discipline only lasts so long and the day it doesn't one can blow up their gains. So, the focus is release traumas, not fight against them.
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