Changing cases - easy or a big deal....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sunnie, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. sunnie


    I found this really nice clear acrylic computer case on ebay:

    assuming the dimensions are the same as my current case, would changing it be simple enough or would I need some certified techie to do this for me???

    Remember I'm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the (only) and closest support on another island....:confused: :(
  2. Monsoon


    cry me a river...:p

    anyway it should be no big deal .. just a amatter of screwing in and out the connections... just make sure if the case has a power supply coming with it, that it is large enough for what you have/may expand to
  3. sunnie


    yes, Monsoon, I thought it should be this last modification was adding the multi-monitor card, and that was not too terribly difficult..... :) :) thanks for the encouragement!:D
  4. alanack


    I just put in a new motherboard and P4 chip, there really isn't too much too it. I would just suggest that you take some notes as to where certain connectors go... there are about a dozen, and while most could not be put in the wrong place, there are a few that are identical and you want to make sure they go where they belong.

  5. trendy


    Swapping cases is no big deal. But I would caution to guard against static electricity when handling the MB. Try doing the conversion in a non-carpeted room. Usually you can ground yourself by first touching bare metal on the case with your finger.
  6. sunnie


    That's easy - all tile floors. I guess I could also use the "free" gloves provided with the case....

    I'll keep track of the connections with labels and diagrams as I take things apart....
  7. Speaking of static, that acrylic case will be a magnet for dust. 10 ES points says you'll be unable to see through it after 10 days LOL

    Just something to think about. Computers get pretty crappy-looking inside very quickly.
  8. trendy


    I don't mean to overstate the obvious, but also take a look at where the MB is screwed down on the old case and install the metal nuts or plastic fasteners on the new case before removing the MB. Don't let any of the soldered points on the backside of the MB to come into contact with any metal surfaces. Also, make sure the plate on the back of the new case has the exact same cut-outs for ports as the old case. You don't want to place the MB into the new case only to find out that you need to take it back out to break-out one of the ports on the plate. (Been there, done that).
  9. trendy


    Hey look at all of those pretty dust bunnies in my computer. :D
  10. sunnie


    Oh no....forgot about the dust... with the case I have now, I don't have to see the dust bunnies inside - out of sight, out of mind....
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