changewave option trader 101% average return

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    Got these message in my email:

    And just how well can you do?
    It happens like clockwork.

    Four times a year my HeatSeeker technology lights up like a Christmas tree. It¡¯s ¡°funny¡± how much trading we see in the options pits in advance of earnings announcements.

    Every earnings season sees a lot of smart money move into certain stocks FAST, just before they announce blowout numbers.

    My proprietary HeatSeeker technology rang the bell on ¨C closed ¨C 31 options trades during October, the heart of the most recent earnings season.

    23 of the 31 were closed as winning trades. That¡¯s a win rate of 74%.

    Our smallest gain was 16.9% in cree calls. Our biggest? A whopping 614% profit from an Equitable call after just 6 days.

    We had other gains of 220%, 93%, 320%, 71%, 350%, 275%, 166% etc., etc., etc.

    The average gain over all 31 trades, including the losers, an extraordinary 101%.

    If you¡¯ve ever traded options ¨C or wanted to but didn¡¯t know if you should ¨C there¡¯s a lot to like about that.

    And it¡¯s about to get even better.

    I¡¯m being just a little facetious here. After all, a win rate of 74% with an average gain of 101% is out of the ballpark. If we do anywhere near that well in the weeks ahead, you¡¯ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Any one has any comment on these guy.

    Are they really good?
  2. anything changewave says is highly suspect. they have selective memories.
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    the changewave options is a new service, seems the author is a real trader. Unlike tobin who is a complete joke.

    i'd like to hear from someone who actualy subscribed to the newsletter now or before.
  4. i took the trial. 3 trades during that time. 2 lost money one made about 20%. his whole method is to look for stocks with a spike in option volume and buy them hoping that it indicates someone knows something. not very original.
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    thanks for the information