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  1. I would like to open a discussion about new changes on FXGAME, "most of which if not all" will be implemented in fxtrade. I cite a "live help" assistant.

    I do not like the changes. But most of all I do not like the fact, that You will not be able to set Your TP and SL in price (only pips and % of capital) before the trade is open. What do You think about it?

    Maybe a negative feedback will help if most of You agree?
  2. Why don't you post this on Oanda's forums, where the makers of the platform can read it?
  3. The representative on live chat told me that he will inform them about the feedback. One person will not change anything though. If most of the traders don't care about that option, they will make the change. But it is a difficulty only for "scalpers" because if You play a slower game, You have enough time to calculate the levels in pips.

    Anyhow, the change is strange, for me it makes no sense :confused:
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    There was nothing wrong or improper about the OP here. As there are so many Oanda users, yourself included, posting this info here is useful. Not everyone tries to navigate the Oanda forum maze nor does everyone use the game platform instead of the live one. In fact, I can't remember when was the last time I logged into mine (6 months, maybe). I don't necessarily agree with most of the bs he/she posts about Oanda, but this was rather useful.


    I just went to the game and I don't see what you mean by only placing TP's and stops in pips or as a percentage. I was able to use price like always :confused:

    Also noticed the quote board is becoming a little too FXCM'ish.

    "Ticket Number: HD1378944
    Short Description: Oanda platform changes

    Dear XXXXXXXXXXXXX(forestgril)

    We appreciate your feedback. Your suggestions as well as the feedback on our forums will be brought to the attention of our developers for consideration.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

    Kind Regards,

    OANDA FXTrade Team (KM)"



    Wow.... that is a quick response!

    Congratulations OANDA, I AM IMPRESSED!

    I will also ask them to add the possibility of shifting the moving averages in time, that would be usefull, now I am almost sure, that they will do it :) very nice... very nice.....
  6. Maybe you should also ask them to stop running your stops! :)

  7. Yeah! a good idea! :D

  8. Here is a solution , they offer server-based stops
  9. First of all - I don't trust anyone when the money is in question! So a good looking website is not a promise of a fair service to me. Secondly - the orders sent by a third party may be just late, when the price moves quickly....

    Third: brokers hunt multiple stops placed in the same area, so a knowledge about a stop of a single person is not of a big importance for them. If 50% of Oanda users used FXSpyder then it would start making sense, but if it happened, I am sure that Oanda would try to make a deal with FXSpyder.

    Does anybody know anything more about that FXSpyder option (and similiar)?
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