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Discussion in 'Trading' started by white, Sep 29, 2001.

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    Fellow traders I need a little advice. I have been out of trading for about a year and 3 months. And as you guys know “better than me” allot has changed. What has been the impact of decimalization and supersoes? I understand the mechanics but not the true impact on day to day trading. Any other changes I should know about please feel free to sound off .


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    Check out the threads on the new SEC rules regarding $25,000.00 minimum if you haven't already. Decimalization...the jury is still out...some say its made things worse ...others say its better...time will tell. There is also threads for coming to this site often my opinion is many people are using InteractiveBrokers (IB) there are numerous threads regarding this broker mostly good....if you review many of the threads you should get caught up quickly.:)
  3. I am a living proof that it made scalping impossible. I used to make very good money when we made 1/8 on 8 dollar stuff.
    We screamed and complained when they(specialist) were making teenie market .
    I played listed markets and can't comment on the nasdaq much.
    Now you can't scalp listed - it's history.

    Trading is an ever changing business. Do you see the poor
    Bruce Lee rip-off Cyber commercial ? I use to be a fan of him.
    "Be water my friend" he says on some old interview. I wonder
    if his family or estate gets any money from Schwab for this ????
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    vinigar, andrasnm

    thanks for your response. I will checkout some old post.

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    Welcome back White. Long time no see.