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    “The Market Treated Me (Well/Badly) Today.”

    “The (trading vehicle) Treated Me (Well/Badly) Today.”

    “The Market (loves / hates) me.”

    If you have made those statements recently, you are DOOMED TO FAIL!

    Take all of the seminars, CDs, videos, books, favorite posts / quotes, etc. etc. etc. etc. add them all up and they will mean NOTHING without the right vocabulary and attitude.

    I take “personal” offence when one of my protégés says to me….

    “The Market Is Kicking My *SS Today.” Or “(Trading Vehicle) Treated Me (Well / Badly) Today.”

    Those statements are sure signs of a FAILURE WHO IS FAILING or FAILED.
    I associate and surround myself with winners and those who take FULL responsibility for their actions (win, lose or draw).

    When those statements are made on a trading floor, it’s an initial sign of a malignant tumor that must be removed immediately, before it spreads.

    I am man of faith and I have a high respect for those entities / beings (supreme or not) and I believe that I AM responsible and accountable for ALL of my actions regardless of the intervention or lack thereof from the above mentioned. I stopped transferring blame and credit to others, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN DESTINY. By making myself liable for my actions I can review my mistakes and accomplishments and learn from them…that gives me the confidence to face my risk and rationalize my reward.

    This post may appear to be a bit “evangelical”, and regardless 8 of 10 people reading this post will never be open minded enough look deep inside at the “real” cause of their success or failure. Those who continue to blame everything / everyone else beside, themselves will continue to LOSE!

    The Market (or trading vehicle) Does Not Discriminate Against Its Participants, It Just Does…Whatever It Does.

    The Code of RAMOUTAR:


    1)Expect nothing and prepare for as much as you can
    2)Take complete responsibility for all of your actions…good or bad
    3)If the market “treated” or “did to you”, then you will continue to feed those of us who “do in the market”.
    4)When you’re in a hole, the first thing you should do is STOP DIGGING!
    5)When you’re certain of your plan, EXECUTE IT. When you’re not certain of your plan or have doubt, ABORT!

    Make a Conscious Decison and REAL Effort To Change Your Attitude and Vocabulary...Watch What Happens!

    I challenge you to prove me wrong.
  2. Exactly...

    This got my rational philosophical juice going...

    I've always thought of how people depict non-human analogy as human aspects. Like Ramoutar mentions, traders use human aspects to relate to the market. I think it's how they act towards people and "expect" something out of it.

    C'mon... you know what I'm talking about I hope most of the people have been in a relationship..... :)

    Look at religion, they depict natural events / phenomenon or emotions as gods. It's just human adaptation towards analogy or relativeness towards likely being, aka human. It's easier to relate to humans than some actions in nature or some other being or object...

    Great point Ram!!!!
  3. Quite interesting that you're pointing out to it specifically.

    I once did a little exercise I can strongly recommend everyone here (taken from "Take Control" by Michael Janke):
    keep a journal for one or a few consecutive days in which you keep track of all your thoughts, specifically of your inner dialogue, the way you talk to yourself. Simply try to record the stream of thoughts as they appear in your mind, it doesn't even have to be trading related (during market hours).

    If you succeed to keep track for just 2 days, chances are high you will be amazed afterwards when you're reeading it...
  4. ... finally a worthy thread in ET!

    I actually find being "alert" (well, it would be a direct translation from Japanese to English) with all the actions you do is very important...

    I'm not saying you have to be alert in a paranial way but trying to keep in mind, whenever possible, how you should be expressing and not to be, latter being more easier based on general psychology...
  5. I have never said that but I think it's a bit exaggerated to pretend that these familiar expressions reflect the real thinking of the guy who would employ it. I don't agree that most people don't take responsability of their failure, most do, but they don't know how to cope with it. As I said failure is the best opportunity to learn. In fact I always expect to fail first or even twice in any new matter. It happened several times: I was nearly the last of my class in french then I became the second and first after two years of intensive work, I've got one of the worst note at my automation exam then I got the first note at the final project, I failed when I started in software engineering with the first course I've given to programers then I became an expert in some platforms, I've failed at trading twice when I began and now I know that year after year I will be among the best. Now it's also a new business area for me so I'm prudent not to go too fast and do things step by step. What prevent people to cope with failure is the fear of others looking at them like they are the worst idiots on earth after they failed. And that can be true that you are an idiot but if you're not then it's up to you to prove it also and while working on it you must of course support all the sarcastic guys : this can bring you down or on the contrary push you to succeed : there is the question of will :D. Also don't target too high at first: I've never targeted to be first or second in anything above, it's just that at some moment you have reached a level where you visualise that you WILL but if you just say I WANT to be first or second well that's not enough and it can even be deceiptful and demotivate oneself as it seems unreachable: that's in fact the KEY TO SUCCESS: LITTLE BY LITTLE is the SUREST path. That's why visualisation technique doesn't substitute to real work and ... knowledge (see my signature :) ). I only use visualisation once I have worked enough. In fact it's automatic for me to visualise.

  6. Changing your vocabulary will not change your attitude in the long term.
    Attitudes are learned through exposure, conditioning, and socialization.
    If one is interested in true attitude change one needs to change his external environment, which means work place, friends, relatives, which often is the most painful process. These are significant structural adjustment . Hence you seldom find people changing their attitude drastically unless they change their circumstances significantly.
    Also more than attitude a behavior change is more important and for behaviors change external environment plays a significant role. Because an attitude when it interacts with a particular set of environment which punishes, praises, or rewards it results in particular behavior. The people around you to a large extent determines this .
    So if you want to change attitude the simplest solution is to move to a community which has similar attitude or form a community around you of people who share your attitude .
    In case of Ramoutar it is not his vocabulary but whole host of surrounding factors which might be reinforcing his attitude.
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    Re: 4)When you’re in a hole, the first thing you should do is STOP DIGGING!

    How true it is. Poker great Barbara Enright said about poker digging which can be applied to trading also. Her words:

    "Sometimes players let their ego get it the way. If they are losing, they will not stop until they get even or go broke no matter how badly they are running. It is not always necessary to GET EVEN. Keep ego out of it and when you feel you are starting to go on tilt or losing pots you think you should have won, give it up for the day. Money management is just as important in poker as playing well."
  8. This kind of stupidity always amazes me ....

    If you are mugged in a dark alley and "You get your ASS kicked" you get your ASS kicked.

    It's really that simple.

    If you go and take martial arts classes and you walk down the same alley but this time they pull a gun on you, you still loose your wallet.

    Once again very simple.

    If you then go and take handgun lessons but this time they break into your home when your out this doesn't help you at all either.

    That's the markets my friend and that is why it takes years of experience to figure them out.

    So my advise to you is to understand that "You will get your ASS kicked" and it's just part of the learning process and you can change all the words you want but it won't make a inch of difference until you respect that this is an on going process of learning.
  9. Cheese


    Its more than trading.

    Its easy, very easy, for anyone myself included, to slip into negative mantras as the norm. You hear it around you all the time. But this marks out the steady losers as well as panic lovers.

    So remind yourself, if you need to, to stay with the positive or as the song says, "Always look on the bright side of life!"
  10. Bsulli


    On a serious note I was robbed at gun point and I chalked it up to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shook it off kept a positive attitude and went on with life. :)

    In jest, if I were stupid enough to walk down the same alley the second time I deserved to get my ass kicked! lol

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