Change you can xerox

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  1. This is so funny
  2. Indeed

    You would think that with all the "advisors" that Hillary has to call on, that someone, anyone could have thought of a better one liner than that.....

    The "tell" on that one, was when she uttered the line, she was greeted with boos, long and went over like the proverbial "lead balloon"......

    So somewhere in the Clinton headquarters, I will bet another staffer was loading his belongings into a cardboard box......I hear Hillary has no patience with those who can't "perform" (hahaha....sorry Bill)
  3. saxon


    lol...then she needs to load her husband into a cardboard box, too. almost surely he knew of, and agreed to, the idea of using that line.

    she went for the "where's the beef?" moment and it blew up in her face. too bad.
  4. Going into the debate Hillary was leading 47% to 44% in Texas.

    New polls just came out...


    Obama is now ahead 57% to 43%

    You'd think Hillary would take the hint when the crowd booed loud and clear for the only time that evening.