Change Printer Port?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I've got a PC with no parallel port, but I want to run my printer off of parallel.

    I've installed a Rosewill PCI parallel card, and it "installed itself" on LPT3.... didn't offer me a choice of ports.

    My Samsung ML-2250 won't recognize this port.. it apparently "wants" to install on LPT1.

    Anybody know how I can change the parallel port to LPT1 so the printer will play nice?

  2. If you right click on the printer you can change the port settings for the printer. You can change the port some port settings in BIOS as well.

    Are you the one who had the XP Pro upgrades?
  3. 1. I tried that. I have LPT3 selected in the printer setup, but when it comes time to print, no dice.

    2. Yes, I had the XP Pro disks... not really necessary now that MSFT has said they will support Home the same as Pro.
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    You should've gotten a network aware printer - they aren't that much more expensive and are much easier to use.

    Why don't you want to use the USB interface?
  6. The printer has both USB and parallel. I have another PC connected via USB, and it's fine.

    I've had another computer connected with a parallel port on the mobo... concurrent with the one connected via USB and that was fine.

    Bu this add-on parallel port is not cooperating.
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    Two computers? You definitely should have gone with a network printer - why screw around with add-on parallel port cards?

    I assume this deal is dead by now but just as an example:

    "Samsung ML-2851ND Network Laser Printer for $40"
  8. Thanks for your suggestions...

    Got it working... Tech support told me "after you've installed the parallel card, install it a 2nd time"....

    Who'd of thought of that?

    Working OK now...